Whether your taste is for the Regular Zucchini Relish or the Hottest Zucchini Relish here are few suggestions.

 Zucchini Relish Creative Uses:  

  • Relish:  Sweet Pepper Relish can be used in place of your traditional relishes to provide a sweet, hot, spicy twist.
  • Condiment: Add your favorite Gourmet Relish to your deviled eggs, omelets, hamburgers, hot dogs, Bratwurst, BBQ sandwiches, tuna, and stuffed tomatoes.
  • Salad Additions: Add a little old fashioned relish to your Chicken Salad, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, or Egg Salad.
  • Side Dish or Dip: Simply place our homemade relish as a side dish to your favorite meals, or mix with cream cheese or sour cream for a fast dip with chips or pretzels.

For those who have a sweet tooth - you might want to experiment with Zucchini Preserves.

Strawberry & Raspberry Zucchini Preserves Creative Uses:

  • Preserves: There is nothing quite like the flavor of a homemade, ooey-gooey, sweet strawberry zucchini preserves on fresh bread, bagels, toast and English muffin. 
  • Condiment:  You can add the preserve to cream cheese and make a spread or place in pastry shells.   
  • Glaze:  Create you own glaze - my favorite is sauté garlic, onions and add a little of the preserves to the pan.  Once heated glaze your pork chops and serve.  What a nice change and simple. 
  • Side Dish or Dip: or make a dip with cream cheese, cream , preserves and cut up your favorite fruit to dip.  Great for a snack!
  • Dessert Additions: Add a little old fashioned preserves to your ice cream or make a dish full of s’mores with the preserves.